Glowing LightSaber Cursors

Darth Vader ain’t no match for these ultimate light saber cursors with the jedi force and a bit of attitude.


If Luke had one of these from the beginning he would have annihilated and destroyed the dark side into oblivion and beyond. Heck if Annikan had had one of these he would have nailed Natalie Portman right from the get go and there would be no star wars sequel.

Download Lightsaber Cursors (Free)

Funky Mouse Cursors

Are you looking for ultra funky funkadelic mouse cursors? Look no further. I’ve done the googling for you!

Have a look at these:

or how about these apples?

man it’s all free so doesn’t matter if you don’t like these specific ones I’ve chosen. Go find your own here

Animated Mouse Cursors

Animated mouse cursors are an improvement over the standard static cursor – call it the cursor 2.0 of cursors :P Animated cursors normally have a file prefix of .ani

Some cool examples of animated creativity with the mouse cursor is

  • bomba bomb where when you click the bomb explodes
  • lightsabera lightsaber where when you click, the lightsaber glows or extends out
  • fairya fairy where when you click, spreads a bit of fairy dust.

You get the picture, there’s so much you can do once you add a few frames to the cursor and pump in some animation!

Download Animated Cursors (Free)